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The bond that binds the Friend of Saint Paul with the Congregation is essentially spiritual without legal, canonical or financial obligations.


The Friends of Saint Paul will strive to:

  • deepen their baptismal commitment.

  • live their Christian commitment following the example of Saint Paul.

  • see Jesus in the Less Fortunate.

  • deepen their prayer life.

  • testify to their faith in their own lives by word and example.

  • unite with the Sisters of Saint Paul in prayer, interpersonal encounters and missionary spirit .

  • encourage and share during interpersonal encounters with other Friends of Saint Paul.

The Sisters undertake vis-à-vis the Friends of Saint-Paul to  

  • live and share their charism.

  • live and share their spirituality, the paschal mystery of the imitation of Christ.

  • live by inviting others to live in imitation of Christ in evangelical simplicity, trust in the love of the Father in their missionary audacity.

  • even Jesus in the less fortunate.

  • to be present with Friends in order to help them discover the presence and action of God in their lives .

  • to be united with the Friends of Saint Paul in prayer, interpersonal encounters and the missionary spirit.

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