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Presentation of the Congregation

The Congregation of the Sisters of St Paul of Chartres (SPC) is a lay female congregation which falls under pontifical right (approved by the Holy See).

We are a community of women dedicated to God, living their vocation through prayer, community life and service to others.


We are a so-called “apostolic” community, that is to say engaged in particular in works of charity, education, etc. Our specific missions depend on the country in which we are established.


Foundation : Our Congregation, founded in 1696 by Father Louis Chauvet, Parish Priest of Levesville-la-Chenard, a village in Beauce (France), is an institute of pontifical right, having received the approval of the Holy See.

Governance : We operate under our constitutions, also known as the Rule or Book of Life, which establish the spiritual framework as well as organisational and administrative structures. Our supreme governing body established in Rome includes the Superior General, elected by the General Chapter every 6 years, as well as four assistants responsible for overseeing various aspects of the life and mission of our congregation. The latter is subdivided into Provinces, Districts (including Switzerland) and Regions, in a decreasing order of numbers and decision-making autonomy. Currently, we have 26 such structures, some spanning multiple countries while others are limited to a specific region of a country. Our current Superior General is Mother Maria Goretti Lee , and the next General Chapter of election is scheduled for fall 2025.

Members : Women who wish to join us go through a process of discernment and formation, including periods of initial formation (postulancy and novitiate) and continuing formation throughout their religious life. Our members take simple vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, thus committing to live according to the charism and mission of our congregation.

Responsibility to the Church : As a congregation of pontifical right, we are subject to the authority of the pope and the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (the Vatican department responsible for overseeing religious orders and congregations).

Mission and Ministries : We, the Sisters of SPC, engage in various ministries and apostolates according to our charism and the needs of the Church and society. This includes (depending on the countries we are in) education, health care, social work, pastoral care, missionary work, etc. We most often collaborate with dioceses, parishes and other organizations to carry out our mission.

Spiritual Life : We, the Sisters, live a community life centered on prayer, fraternity and spiritual growth. We generally follow a daily schedule that includes communal prayer (such as the Liturgy of the Hours), Mass, personal prayer, community activities, and work. Saint Paul is our patron.

Formation and Education : Provinces, Districts and Regions are responsible for the ongoing formation and education of their Sisters. This includes theological and spiritual formation, as well as practical training for their ministries.

Work and Financial Support : The Book of Life of the Sisters of SPC states that, from the time of their foundation, following the example of Saint Paul, we have worked to provide for our needs. We thus participate, alongside all men, in the work of creation and in the redemption of the world (Book of Life n°25). Like other religious orders and congregations, in certain mission locations and for certain projects, we, the Sisters of SPC, also depend on the generosity of benefactors, donations and sometimes income-generating activities to support our mission.

Life of the Congregation

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